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Our Services

Our prices are based on, Experience of stylist + thickness, length and time of appointment. We know times can be tough, and are willing to discuss prices that work for everyone! We want you to have the best experience you deserve! 


Cut & Style                               Hair Extensions                                                  

*Starting at
Women's cut                    -$65-$82+
Men's cut                          -$45-$55+
Girls cut (11-17)               -$50-$60+
Boys Cut (11-17)              -$35-$45+
Child cut                           -$25-$35+
  Below services do not include Haircut in price

Foils (Includes Toner)                 -$115+ 
BALAYAGE/OMBRE                       -$225+
Regrowth                                        $100+

Women's colour              -$105+
Men's colour                    -$60+
Perms                           -$145+

*Starting at 
Beaded Hair                $295+

Beaded move up        $100+

Beaded removal         $80

Tape In                         $255+

Tape In move up        $120+

Tape In removal        $ 80

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